As you know, the Home Inspection business has undergone some changes in the past few years which can have a significant affect on your business.

There may have been times when the phone wouldn't stop ringing... emails kept coming...even the old fax machine was busy. That was then...
this is now. No longer can you just sit and wait for business to just roll in. You have to be proactive. Put more nets in the water.

Many Home Inspectors  are losing business because they don't have an effective marketing plan to tell potential clients around the corner and
around the country who they are, what type of Inspections they do, Pools, Saunas, Hot Tubs, Radon etc. what their service hours are...and how they can easily contact you. is the quickest and and most convenient way for Lenders, Title Companies, Attorneys, and Individuals
to find you.   Anywhere in the country. We are not a "middleman".  We are a marketing company in business since 2003 and employ several methods
to generate business for you. Some of these are:

1.A website and web presence with National Exposure to drive business to you.
2. Timely Targeted online ads with companies like Yahoo and Google.
3.Advertisements in publications, on fliers, and various other "non traditional" places...
4. Cross traffic from our "sister" companies... and

On the other hand, you could just pretend that EVERYONE knows who you are, what you have to offer and how to contact you...
Convince yourself that you have been in business so long...and you advertise "other places"... that EVERYONE knows you and even
potential new clients will automatically just find you...forget you have competition trying to attract your existing customers away...and...
overlook the fact that this is an (tax deductible) investment in your business... not an expense.

Don't miss out on your share of this business.  Put yourself in front of hundred of new potential clients.  Build your business. Develop
new long term relationships. And of course, Increase your income.  Join today.



100% of the fee goes to you.  No reduced payments or fee splits. You arrange payments to suit your business.


You work directly with the clients.  No middlemen. You have an opportunity to develop relationships that could produce
income for years.


If a client uses you once and you do a good job, they likely will use you again...and again. This could be a great way to "get your foot
in the door" with clients you don't currently work with.


Other companies put your name on a list on the internet. That's it. We are very aggressive in our marketing.
Phone calls, emails, web marketing ie Google, Facebook etc.  and various advertisements to help generate business for you.  OUR GOAL IS TO INSURE YOU GET BUSINESS AND RENEW WITH US YEAR AFTER YEAR!


Just $299 For a whole year of Local and National Exposure! (Just one assignment in a year covers this!)

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